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Create a group event (Your request can't be completed. The Event.End property for an all-day event needs to be set to midnight.)

Hi im trying to create a group event based on start and end date column from a Microsoft forms output.

Everything works, except if the user selects only 1 day.


I get the following error.

Your request can't be completed. The duration of an event marked as All day must be at least 24 hours.


I did try the solution below. And the  i get the following error instead.

Your request can't be completed. The Event.End property for an all-day event needs to be set to midnight.



2020-03-30 14_58_50-Manage your flows _ Microsoft Power Automate.png

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I tried addDays and set star date to minus 1 but this messes up the booking.

I cant really do anything says startdate needs to be set to midnight and so does end date.


I really don't know how to come around this, seems that the Create a group event V2 is limiting this. How can i create an all day event when startdate needs to be midnight and end date needs to be midnight. If i set 24 hours behind for startdate it displays wrong in the calendar.


Please if anyone have a workaorund let me know.


2020-03-31 09_01_06-Run History _ Power Automate.png


Sorry for bumping this but im not finding any workaround for the Create a group event, plenty that works with the standard create a calendar event but nothing for the create a group event. Not sure if i can use create a calendar event and book in a group calendar?


Would appreciate all the help.




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Is it even possible to create a 1 day event with flow for a group calendar?

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Somone know if it is possible to book a Group event for 1 day using flow, create group event v2?

When you add the start and end dates use:


date Start addMinutes(Startdate_to_add,1)

date end addHours(Enddate_to_add,1)


This will effectively create a 1 hour activity which is overridden by your allday event checkbox


@leyburn19 Thank you but this does not work on "Create a group even (V2)"



  "error": {
    "code": "ErrorInvalidRequest",
    "message": "Your request can't be completed. The Event.Start property for an all-day event needs to be set to midnight.",
    "innerError": {
      "request-id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
      "date": "2020-06-01T06:44:57"

That part only works on the none group event.


Bumping this again as it currently seems impossible to use "Create a group even (V2)" to book a one day event.

There are some other similar posts on this and I believe you cannot do this in any calendar but you own. So it may be a groups calendar will not accept what you want at this time


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