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Create a planner task from a shared inbox



I am fairly new at PA, and about to create my first flow at work.


I am trying to build a flow that creates a task in in a teams planner from a shared inbox. It is a little more complex than just using the template available for this. I have been looking around and troubleshooted potential bottlenecks so I have some question on how to best get the flow do what I want as I see the following problems:  

  • When a reply to an existing email arrives a new task will be created. 
  • It is not possible to trigger the flow by flagging an email in a shared inbox. (Could be a way to fix the reply problem)
  • I would want to add labels to the tasks by using the categories in outlook as these are already being used and want to avoid as much double-entries as possible. 
  • It is not possible to assign a task to a team member in planner through an outlook action. 


The goal of the task is to be able to track how long each task from emails take to complete to have more data on my team's performance and how much each type of task takes.


Hoping someone can share someone knowledge. 



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