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Helper II

Create and modify list item - avoid infinite loops

I am still struggling with this trigger.


The scenario is - I have created a trips calendar which teachers add trips for their students. The trip needs to be approved by 2 people. Sometimes the 1st approver will reject the trip as the trip requires more information. The teacher then amends the trip by adding more information and this then needs to trigger a workflow to do the same thing as before but now on modify. 


I am unsure if I need to use 2 flows for this list or use 1.


I am working with the following triggers :

"When an item is created" + "When an item or file is modified" - 2 workflows

"When an item is created or modified" - 1 workflow


Using the 2 workflows I find the workflows trigger one after the other and then its in a infinite loop as the workflow is doing an approval and update.


Using the 1 workflow this just ends up in an infinite loop too.

I have looked into trigger conditions and using a conditional column and still the infinite loop still keeps occurring.


I rather use 2 workflows one form creating the item and other for modifying the item but how do I stop them triggering one after the other continuously and how do I avoid these infinite loops because I I do need to update the trip.


How do I do this ?


Help will be much appreciated.

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I think Microsoft should offer a solution to avoid multi-triggering Flows, 
This approach won't work on Datasheet view if the user doesn't change the triggering condition or if the item complexity on the update is too hard to determine if the update is required or not. 

so something that I have found useful is by comparing last modified date, and who modified it 

so if the last modification was performed by the account with the connection to edit the flow,
then the flow will not trigger. 

This will require that the Connection to the update action is not an account that will actually use the list. 

so a system account or a service account should be used in this type of scenario 

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