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Create event V4 - selectedDaysOfWeek

I have built a flow that creates event V4, when other event is created V3 in other calendar. I copy advanced fields, all are copied except one:
selectedDaysOfWeek. I attach code generated by flow and an image that shows the original appointment with all data.
As you can see in flow, selectedDaysOfWeek field contains null. Original event in image contains WeekDays selected. Anyone knows what's happening?
Translations for image (catalan/english)
Té lloc cada dilluns i dimarts de XX a ZZ, a partir del dia Dl. XX fins al dia Dt. YY
Takes place every Monday and Tuesday from XX to ZZ, from day Monday XX until Tuesday YY
Thank you very much.



  "Pragma": "no-cache",
  "Cache-Control": "no-store, no-cache",
  "Location": "...", /* I have changed the value for this post*/
  "x-ms-request-id": "2117f56c-d272-4167-8b60-d489952a05fa",
  "Strict-Transport-Security": "max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains",
  "X-Content-Type-Options": "nosniff",
  "X-Frame-Options": "DENY",
  "Timing-Allow-Origin": "*",
  "x-ms-apihub-cached-response": "true",
  "x-ms-apihub-obo": "false",
  "Date": "Tue, 29 Nov 2022 11:03:59 GMT",
  "Content-Length": "1709",
  "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8",
  "Expires": "-1"

  "subject": "Prova 101",
  "start": "2023-02-06T07:00:00.0000000",
  "end": "2023-02-06T07:30:00.0000000",
  "startWithTimeZone": "2023-02-06T07:00:00+00:00",
  "endWithTimeZone": "2023-02-06T07:30:00+00:00",
  "body": "<html>\r\n<head>\r\n<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=utf-8\">\r\n</head>\r\n<body>\r\n<p></p>\r\n<div class=\"elementToProof\" style=\"font-family:Calibri,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:12pt; color:rgb(0,0,0); background-color:rgb(255,255,255)\">\r\nProva 101<br>\r\n</div>\r\n<p></p>\r\n</body>\r\n</html>\r\n",
  "isHtml": true,
  "responseType": "organizer",
  "responseTime": "0001-01-01T00:00:00+00:00",
  "id": "...",/* I have changed the value for this post*/
  "createdDateTime": "2022-11-29T11:03:59.636911+00:00",
  "lastModifiedDateTime": "2022-11-29T11:03:59.7306418+00:00",
  "organizer": "...", /* I have changed the value for this post*/
  "timeZone": "UTC",
  "seriesMasterId": null,
  "iCalUId": "...", /* I have changed the value for this post*/
  "categories": [],
  "webLink": "....", /* I have changed the value for this post*/
  "requiredAttendees": "",
  "optionalAttendees": "",
  "resourceAttendees": "",
  "location": "",
  "importance": "normal",
  "isAllDay": false,
  "recurrence": "weekly",
  "selectedDaysOfWeek": null,
  "recurrenceEnd": "2023-02-28",
  "numberOfOccurences": null,
  "reminderMinutesBeforeStart": 15,
  "isReminderOn": true,
  "showAs": "busy",
  "responseRequested": true,
  "sensitivity": "normal"




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