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Create flow to grab files from FTP and place in Sharepoint

I've been trying to get a flow that will grab all files with a folder from an external FTP server and place within a folder in Sharepoint. So far it has been a struggle. I was able to find one that is close to what Im looking for but get and error when on the last step of the flow. I have attached an image of the current flow I'm working with.





So far not much luck trying to get that to work. I also tried another method but this only works when I run a test and not automatically. Here is that flow



If there is any advice on what I can do to get this working that would be amazing! 

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Super User

Try editing the flow so that it has only one Apply to each loop:



For the trigger When a file is added or modified, the trigger does not fire if a file is added/updated in a subfolder

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Thanks for the reply and tip. I've tried adding a step straight from "get file content" section but when I try to populate file name in the "create file" section it adds the second loop automatically. Am I doing something wrong?

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Here is an other example of a working flow. It lists files from an FTP site, and saves files that are of type text to a SharePoint site:



Can you try using the Display Name from the dynamic content (although Name should work fine)?


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I created a flow similar to the one you last posted and got an error when at the apply to each step. Here is the error I received:




Here is the flow I made that is similar to your except using a recurring trigger.




I am using to FTP from so not sure if that could be causing the error but I haven't had issue normally FTPing into it. Any advice on why the apply to each is erroring?

Have you run this and it worked successfully?

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Super User

Yes, the flow runs fine as along I remember to delete the files from SharePoint before re-running:




If you want to try out the same flow, the site and connection I am using for demo flow is:


Username – anonymous
Password – your complete email address (e.g. or just use anonymous.



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