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Create new Task with Document as a Related Item

I have a sharepoint designer workflow that adds a task to a list when a document is added to a library, and makes the document a Related Item on the new list item. I have un-hidden the Related Items field from the Task content type. I add the field to both the library and the list, and when the document is added as a related item to the list item, SharePoint makes it a two way link.

I would like to try and use Flow to replicate this workflow. I need the Item ID, the GUID for the Web, and the GUID for the list. The format for a related item is:

{"ItemId":<id>,"WebId":"<guid here>","ListId":"<guid here>"}

...and the list of related items is contained in square brackets: [{related item 1},...,{related item N}]


So the question is, can I get the Web and List GUIDs in Flow, or do I have to create some function to find them and call that from the flow. There will be multiple sites containing this list so I would like to make the Flow as generic as possible.


Re: Create new Task with Document as a Related Item

@Waryoldguy ,


I created a very similar Flow to this. What you will need to do is create a hyperlink field on the task and add the url of the document, or the document library in that field. 


One thing to note is that Flow does not support populating a hyperlink field with the create or update item actions so you will need to create or update the task field using a REST API. It is actually very easy to do and I wrote a blog post on what you need to do. Check it out below:



If this works for you please mark as the solution and give kudos!




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Re: Create new Task with Document as a Related Item


Thanks, this looks like the correct rabbit hole to go down, though my needs are slightly different. I will need to parse out what a related item looks like in JSON. I am sure that Flow cannot write that field directly either.

Getting the webid is easy as it comes back as a single value. Any idea how to get the GUID of a library without all the other bits? Calling getbytitle() seems a bit dodgey with libraries, whereas it always seems to work with a list. It is also bringing a lot of baggage to get a single value.

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