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Helper II

Created by email



In a flow I am building i want an email to sent when a form is filled in by a user.


At the moment it is doing this but it is making it look like I am sending the email when I am not involved.


I have found that you can click send from in the advanced options and that there is a created by email dynamic function.


However when i test this the email is not sent and on further investigation it says it is because I do not have access to their email for it to be sent.  Is there anyway this can be resolved?





Accepted Solutions

@Andythefirst perfect!


This anonymous is coming because the form is not collecting an email address. Is the form meant only for your organisation members? please make the following change in the form then:


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Hi @Andythefirst , 


Flow will use the email address of the connection that has been provided by the person who triggered the flow. In this case as you are triggering it and you have provided the connection, it is using your email address. Can you please share more details so that we can assist you better?



of course,


I have created a form with 10 questions.


One of them questions is a question about a region (1-6)


Depending on the answer to this question the form gets sent to an email address along with it being filed away in the appropiate list on the sharepoint.


My problem comes from that I know i created the form but I dont want every email to be showing in these inboxes as from me as they are not from me.  I wish the sent from name to be the person who filled in the form.


Hope this makes sense






Also i have just looked at the created by in the list and even when i haven't filled in the form it is saying that I have.  I imagine this is linked to why the emails are coming from me but I have no idea how to change it.


The form I created was in Microsoft Forms if this makes a difference.  


Any help would be appreciated I have been stuck on this for a week now 😞

Hi @Andythefirst 


We will be able to assist you better if we can see what errors you are facing and what is it that you have built so far. So if it is not too much can you please share the screenshots of the flow so that I can have a quick look and better assist you with this. 



Hi @yashag2255 


This is what I have so far.  Thanks for all your help 


The create list doesn't have created by in it - I believe it is done automatically.  What i need i suppose is submitted by send email from them and submitted by in List. If that makes sense



Hi @Andythefirst , 


Firstly, you are creating an Item in the List and not the entire list based on the region as i undersatand. Using flow when you are creating an item, it will not allow you to choose a person on whose behalf the item was created. It will simply use the current connection of the person who triggered the flow in the created by column. As a workaround for your case, you can create another column "Submitted by" in your sharepoint list and add the email address of the Forms responder over there. 


Same goes for email. It will send an email from the account owner of the connection that has been provided for the send email action. (In this case as it is your flow, ut will always show the sender From: as you. you can change the to address to add the responders email as shown in y screenshot)




After the switch case of your flow, under the Region, you can create an item and do this as shown in my screenshot to get the responders email address and add those to sharepoint and emails. 


If you want to send the email to someone else from the responders email, you can try by clicking the advanced options of the send email and select the responders email in from field. 


Hope this Helps!



when i have added the submitted by column and put in responders email in the list it comes up with anonymous??


I also tried changing the send from in advanced options and it still came from me even though it should have come from my collegue.


Thanks so much for your help so far @yashag2255 

@Andythefirst perfect!


This anonymous is coming because the form is not collecting an email address. Is the form meant only for your organisation members? please make the following change in the form then:


great news.  We are halfway there it no longer says anonmyous but the email address of my collegue :):)


unfortunatly no email was sent because it said Forbidden




Hey @Andythefirst Yes! Office 365 will not allow sending emails that way. I just checked it. You cannot send an email on behalf of another individual email account. You can send it from yours only. 

ahhhh, thats annoying.


Is there no work arounds?

Hi @Andythefirst No there is no workaround for this. You can create a shared mailbox or a generic mail box that you own and put the from email address over there. Other than that there is no way supported currently for this. 


Hope this Helps!

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no problem,


in fact i think i will create this so would i then just put the new inbox email address in send from in the advanced option?


thanks for all your help this @yashag2255 


You can create a new shared mailbox and add yourself to that. please refer to this post:

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