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Creating Nested (2D) Array for Graph API Call

Hello All,


I'm working on an automation where I'm trying to write some data back to an Excel sheet with Graph.


I initially collect my data and parse the json without issue:


The next bit is where it all falls are, my final graph POST; it accepts the following:
values Json A 2-dimensional array of unformatted values of the table rows (boolean or string or number).

something like:



  "values": [




My problem is building an object to match this post call. I have to iterate over each item returned from the initial API call to access 'displayName'


If I try to write this value to an array object I get the following error when saving:



Flow save failed with code 'WorkflowRunActionInputsInvalidProperty' and message 'The inputs of workflow run action 'Append_to_array_variable' of type 'AppendToArrayVariable' are not valid. The provided value of '[ "@{items('Apply_to_each')?['displayName']}" ]' of type 'Array' must be a primitive type, or a valid template language expression.'.



This proves difficult as when I make my call I was trying to pass this Nested array:


I tried to build a string variable as another alternative - which worked until I made the post call as once it was entered and sent it ended up escaping the quotation marks and failing the post:


Does anyone know how I can iterate over my values returned from my initial json parse in and build an object required by the API?



  "values": [




Thank you everyone!

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Hey @TomD


I've faced the same problem. I wanted to include an array into the API Call.


What I had to do, was to use a String instead of an array. So in your foreach loop you take the exact part that has to go into the API Call, and append it to a String. Don't forget to include all brackets and other characters.


In my case:



And in the API Call you add the String into the Call:




I hope this helps you or anyone else, who has a similar problem.



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