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Creating Planner Tasks from Excel

Hi there, Its my first post so please forgive any errors.


I have an excel sheet with a set of tasks that I am trying to import into MS Planner.  I have managed to get to the point where I am able to create a task. by using 'Get Rows' then an 'Apply to each' where I have set the 'Create Task' dialog.


See image in this post as it matches.  (sorry could not insert the image)


What is the best method to add the following information to the task as it is included in the Excel data

Bucket Name as listed in Excel


Assignee - Email address listed


Completed data - Need to add historical data to complete overview of tasks.


I have tried to  add these but managed to get myself fully confused so stripped my flow back to the basic task.


Any assistance would be most welcome.

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Anybody manage to get this working with dates and times?

@v-bacao-msft I am trying to implement the solution you have shown above.  In my use case, I have an Excel file that is an export from planner that has been updated.  I now need to import to planner to update the tasks.  


In the update task step, I can't find the planner Task Id in dynamic content.  I can only find the Excel dynamic content (as shown for Title, Due Date-Time, Progress, etc). I've included 2 screenshots below showing what I setup based on what I could find.  I was hoping that this would take what was in Excel and map to the planner fields and update, but the flow failed.  I also took a screenshot showing what I get when I try to find the task ID.  I can't make my flow match what you show.  Thanks in advance.


cannot find.png

excel content.png

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