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Creating a Dropbox folder based on content of a filename extracted from an email

Today is my first day using flows so I am a real newbie here.


I have built a flow that will copy attachments from emails and save them into a specific folder in Dropbox.  When I first set it up, the default folder was /attachments and it created the folder and put the files into it, so I know that inserting a non-existing name in the path will result in a new folder being created.  I have been able to enter my own path combined with dynamic content 'Attachment Name' and it works but includes the extension in the folder name).  I would like it take it a step further and use the filename, without the extension, to create the folder (eg. /Work Orders/Locates/Attachment Name/. 


I am trying to build the save path with a combination of text, dynamic content and expressions. 


I started with the replace() expression and then clicked on dynamic content to insert the attachment name but 'Attachment Name' is no longer an available option to use in the expression.  I was hoping to use the replace expression to remove the .pdf from the name.


Any ideas on how I can do this?


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For some reason, Attachment Name and Attachments are the same thing, they both reference body/attachments.


I have used Compose in an Apply for each and created the following expression 


The purpose is to strip of the file extension.  What I am getting as output is:  type":"#microsoft and the folder that gets created is name the same.


Help Please.

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