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Creating a Notification System

Good day everyone,


So at our company, one of our department that is responsible for renewing customers company registration documents anually (based on their registration date), want to be able to create a reminder system that will remind them of each client renewal, but they want 3 reminders set per client. A reminder before the due date, one on the due date and another after the due date (as a follow up to ensure the department completed it) what do you all suggest is the best course of action to create a system to help them with such task?





I would create a scheduled flow that runs once a day. 


Within that flow collect all the items that require a notification of the type before using the filtering opriont on actions.


As a separate step collect all the items that requrie a notification on the day


And finally collect all the items that are overdue.


Now send out the alerts for each of the type of alerts either as a single alert or as one alert per item.

@Pieter_Veenstra so is it that I create a database of all the clients? Maybe via Sharepoint? I'm new to this so bare with me lol

@Chris_TT ,


I would start by creating the data layer. I was assuming that you already have the data somewhere. I f you need any further help then pleae fel free to contact me further.


Then follow with the process earlier described.

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Super User

Hi @Chris_TT , if I may chip with an example. I would start with a SharePoint list. My very quick example just has 2 columns, one for the Client name and one for the NextReview date.

Then in Flow:

  1. add a Recurrence schedule as your trigger and set it to run once a day.
  2. add a SharePoint Get items action and select your site and the list.
  3. (you may not need this one) add a Convert time zone to convert the date to UK format for use in the email.
  4. add a Compose action to grab today's date and add the expression utcNow('yyyy-MM-dd')
  5. add a Compose action to get the NextReview date from the dynamic content.
  6. add a Compose action to set the date for the advance reminder to 5 days before the review date and use the expression addDays(outputs('Compose_NextReview'),-5,'yyy-MM-dd')
  7. add a Compose action to set the date for the post review check 3 days after the review and use the expression addDays(outputs('Compose_NextReview'),3,'yyy-MM-dd')
  8. check if today's date is the date for the advanced reminder: add a Condition control and select the output of the Compose today (#4 above) from dynamic content is equal to the output of the advanced reminder compose (#6 above).
  9. If yes, send an email.
  10. If no, add a condition and select the output of the Compose today is equal to the output of the NextReview compose.
  11. If yes, send an email.
  12. If no, add a condition and select the output of the Compose today is equal to the output of the PostCheck compose.
  13. If yes, send an email. If no, leave blank.

So this will send one email for each item in the Sharepooint list that is equal to the advanced reminder date, the next review date itself or the post review check date.

I'll post up screenshots of this shortly. Screenshots are below.

Come back with any questions.

Los Gallardos
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