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Creating a word document using form option output, word template document and contents from document library



we are looking to stream line creation of a number of documents using power automate, forms and word.


I hope to devise a form, word template with information already entered and plain text content controls. 


Is it possible to copy the contents of multiple word documents within a flow on the response of relating form option field being set as yes? i.e.


question 1




question 2 




if the person completing the form answers yes to question 1 I need to get the contents of a specific word document and add it to the word document template being created. This also applies to question 2 with a different document.


is this possible?


or would it be easier to delete the specific information from the word template if the user answers no the the above questions? and is this possible?


Hope you can help and appreciate any assistance. 

Community Support
Community Support

Hello @middo ,


To fairly understand your question-

Lets say you have a Form with 2 questions

you create a flow with trigger - when a response is submitted

next, use 'get response details' action from Forms(if using MS Forms)

From here, you can do two ways-

1. create a condition, like if ques 1 equals yes or ques 2 equals yes

then get content, populate the word template, and do the rest


else, have 2 separate conditions

condition 1- if ques 1 equals yes-
if yes: doc 1, if no: doc 2

add new step with next condition, saying if ques 2 equals yes-

if yes: doc 3, if no: doc 4
so on...

Its possible, but going to be lengthy
you can also use Parallel branch for running both the conditions together
make sure the word template is separate, otherwise this might lock the file for editing


To your second case, I believe you cannot remove something from word template, its for editing, not omitting.


Let us know how it goes 🙂


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