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DCRM Comparing many fields in one condition


I have created a flow to compare fields between 2 entities, all the fields types in my conditions are labels, the first group in the screenshot I will post below represent the Leads entity, and the second group represents the I entity I have created.

Cap 2.PNG

Unfortunately, the flow results always return false for the first group and the second group true, since it should return true for both of them. Knowing that all these fields values I have mentioned in my conditions already equal in both entities.

Apply to each1.PNGApply to each2.PNG

I expect that maybe because of the output value of list records 3 in apply to each action. Where the apply to each action should loop on both entities, when the record is updated in the lead entity and my other list but without any actions.

Besides, I have also tried to loop through both entities but the flow returns for me 400 rows and as a condition result false.


Could you please explain in detail and provide an example of what I am doing wrong?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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Hi there.  There might be a bit too much for just me to unpack here, so definitely wait for the experts to chime in...but if I'm reading this correctly, there are a couple of things to consider:

  • Since everything in your first condition is related to your trigger, you may want to consider building the condition into the Trigger.  Check out this video from @RezaDorrani 
  • Your conditions are inside an Apply to Each loop (probably because of your List Records bit).  That means that Power Automate is going to cycle through each of those records through your conditions regardless of the single record that came through in the trigger.  That is, I think, why you are getting a False, but you can verify by looking at the input and output data of the step inside the past run.  Also, this step is going to add quite a bit of time to your flow.
  • You might want to consider using the CDS (Common Data Service) connector rather than the D365 connector as you'll find more flexibility with that, I think.
  • Finally, if the intent is to send an email if a record is updated AND that record matches certain criteria (ALL within D365), you might consider doing this with a workflow since I think that can all be done from inside D365 (entity relationships are handled a bit better there, too, I think).

Hope that helps.  Keep us posted.



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Hi @edgonzales,

Thank you for your reply.


My inputs are already true because all the fields I've mentioned in my conditions matches in both entities.

I have switched my connectors to CDS, but this time automatically the flow creates two apply to each action because I am using 2 different entities.

Exactly, that's the main goal that I want to achieve. I will wait for the experts maybe they will provide a solution for the following issue, otherwise, I will give a try to create a workflow.

Thanks again!


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