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Data from Excel into email!

Hi All,


I am setting up a new Flow to take data from a MS Form to save to Excel. Following this the next part of the flow is to take elements of the data from Excel into an Email that is sent after a formula has produced a value.

So in context:


1. MS Form is submitted with data

2. The Flow adds this data to an Excel sheet (This works and is a Online Form!)

3. The data is then used in a calulation and I present the figures into a separate table to make collection of data easier. 

4. This value is then added to the email body and sent to the requestor.


The issue I have is that when the email is sent it creates an email for every cell in the row so I end up with 44 emails each time!

So the question is how do I setup a flow to take the data from a single cell in Excel and present it back to the email template?



Super User III
Super User III

Can you post a scrren shot of your Flow please - it will help in trying to assist.

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Thank you for the reply. I have attached the flow screenshot here.


Flow Screenshot.PNGFlow Screenshot 1.PNG


As you can see I take a MS Form, add the results to an Excel spreadsheet (Table 1) and then reuse the results from the Form into the reply email. 

In the Excel I have a formula that works out a value in Table 2. I want to be able to add this value back into the email. However if I add the Excel Get Rows it does provide the values but it then sends an email for every row as it is inside of a "Apply to Many". What I find odd is that whenever I click the Excel data connection it automatically adds a new "Apply to Many" box!



Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


Could you please share a screenshot of your flow's configuration?

Do you want to include the data of the Excel file into the Body of the email?

Further, where does your Excel file store?


I think the "Create HTML table" action could achieve your needs, I assume that the data of your Excel file has been formatted as a table, I have made a test on my side and please take a try with the following workaround:

  • Add a "When a new response is submitted" trigger, specify Form Id.
  • Add a "Apply to each" action, input parameter set to output of the trigger.
  • Within "Apply to each" action, add a "get response details" action, specify Form Id, Response Id field set to Response Id dynamic content of the trigger.

         Add a "Add a row into a table" action, specify Location, Document Library, File and Table. Then add a "List rows present in a table" action, specify Location, Document Library, File and Table.


Then add a "Select" action, From set to output of the "List rows present in a table" action. Within Map entry, type three entries, the Key of first entry set to TaskName and corresponding value set to TaskName dynamic content of the "List rows present in a table" action. The key of second entry set to Executor and corresponding value set to Executor dynamic content of the "List rows present in a table" action. The key of third entry set to Due Date and corresponding value set to Due Date dynamic content of the "List rows present in a table" action.



Add a "Create HTML table" action, From set to output of the "Select" action. Then Add a "Send an email" action, Body field set to output of the "Create HTML table" action, Is HTML field set to Yes.


Image reference:26.JPG





The flow works successfully as below:29.JPG





Best regards,










Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Hi Kris,


Thank you I will try this out and let you know if it works.

To answer your questions:


Do you want to include the data of the Excel file into the Body of the email? - Yes but I want only the value that relates to the MS Form submitted. What do you think is the best way to ensure the value marries the response ID? Do I need to manually add the response ID into the Excel as well?  

Further, where does your Excel file store? - Sharepoint O365


Thanks again!

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Hi Kris,


This is excellent! 

The email now only sends once and present exactly how I wanted it to - thank you!

My only remaining item - at the moment the HTML table lists all rows in the Excel table. 

I need it to present a single value ideally. Is there anyway I can link the dynamic value to the response ID and this present a single row? 


Flow Screenshot 2.PNG 



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I have been trying alternative approaches for this and have found that if I use compose I get very near the result I want:






So the question now is how do I remove the data other than "Estimated Cost = 0"?

I cant seem to create a HTML table from the compose results!



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Hi Kris,


Sorry to push on this but I am really struggling to get the final data out. 

I can get the whole table but I need to simply get a single cell value.

In my latest attempt I have used a compose function so I pull in the data earlier but I am unable to figure out the correct expression to get the last cell of data. 


Any advice greatly appriecated. 


Thank you!

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