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Dataverse: "When a row is selected" is now a legacy trigger?

Hi everyone,


I recently went into Power automate to set up a new Flow for my users. I was hoping to use the "When a row/record is selected" trigger but I can see it's now a legacy trigger.

It looks like for the time being I can still use it, but I'm concerned it will disappear down the line.


Can anyone shed any light as to why this has happened? Is there a better alternative to this trigger anyone can suggest? I'm not aware of any that do the same thing. Most of the time I use this trigger if I want to allow my users to run a Flow, in bulk against X number of records at once.


Many thanks

Solution Sage
Solution Sage

I got laid off and never received a response from the developers for this problem, sorry folks.

Anthony Amador
Power Platform Specialist.

Hi Eugene, only the creator of the thread can mark a response a solution, I just answered based on the documentation available 🙂 

Anthony Amador
Power Platform Specialist.
Helper V
Helper V

I just got asked a question by one of our users re the Flow button, so I decided to investigate.

It looks like the trigger is no longer available from Power Automate.

To create a flow using it, you have to click the Create a flow button.

Stay well away I would say.


Old school on demand workflows still work fine from here.



Advocate I
Advocate I

Not sure what you're going on about.  If you want to run a Flow against selected rows, you can do this with a custom button. Use Ribbon Workbench to create the button that calls a javascript function.  Add the CRM parameter, "SelectedControlSelectedItemIds" to the Command in Ribbon Workbench.   Create a Flow with the trigger, when an HTTP request is received.  Once that Flow is saved the trigger will have a URL.  Create an environment variable to store the URL.  In the javascript function you can access that URL (Google how to do that).  The slick way to do this is to throw up a progress spinner at the beginning of the function, and close it when it's complete.  Normally you're doing an async API call, so close the spinner in the response.  

It's pretty simple really, with the last generation Dataverse connector, to run a flow against one or more records, all you had to do was the select the When a row is selected trigger in the legacy Dataverse connector, build your flow, and the flow would appear in the Flow menu on records and views - which is an awful lot simpler than the steps you outline for running a flow against selected rows. In saying all that, this connector was an pain when it came to solutions.

Microsoft Dataverse (legacy) - Connectors | Microsoft Learn

The connector is not available on the initial screen but is available from the flow, if you don't select a connector when creating it, or delete the one that's there. 



The legacy trigger is still there, but I won't use it, since it's deprecated.  But that's just me.  You're probably safe to keep using it.  I'm sure there will be a communication if they finally kill it.  They were supposed to kill it years ago and they haven't.  Just make sure you read their deprecation articles for each wave.  

I mean, If you're a Dynamics developer, you'll have to learn how to do custom buttons that call Flows at some point.  But I get it, it's much more work.  

Helper V
Helper V

As I said above myself, stay away from it.

I have created custom buttons that call flows but the old method was far simpler and is what I would use if it were updated.

Frequent Visitor

What about if you want to select multiple objects and trigger a flow on all of them? Is there an easy workaround for that with custom buttons? @donalmc  or @djbryson ?

Well, you can use the legacy trigger that still works as mentioned above.  Or pass the CMR parameter "SelectedControlSelectedItemIds" with Ribbon Workbench.

Frequent Visitor

Awesome, thanks @djbryson thats the Answer i was looking for!

Is there an easy way to then trigger the Flows in parallel? Because now the legacy trigger does this really nicely and runs multiple flows parallel if multiple Items are selected.

Interesting point, I didn't think about that.  I suppose that is an advantage of the legacy trigger.  If you create a custom button and send "SelectedControlSelectedItemIds", you'll be processing all the records at once, in that Flow.  You could split it up into chunks, and call child Flows. But that's getting a bit too messy.  It depends how many records you're processing.  If it's high volume you may want to use an Azure function instead of Power Automate.   EDIT:  I guess it's not high volume, as the user can only select so many records.  

What is also interesting: the same Trigger (at least how it works and how it is triggered by the user) exists in SharePoint (for a selected Item):


This can then be triggered in a SharePoint-List (you can only trigger one item, not multiple at once):



But on the topic of the legacy trigger: it seems for my use case, I am still forced to deploy legacy triggers in new projects (or do weird Sub-flows or Azure). It would be really nice to get some Feedback from Microsoft.


And you are right, I guess the maximum number of parallel flows is 250 (since this is the max row number that can be displayed, if I am correct).


Thanks for your answers!

You can add a boolean to the target table and trigger the flow to run when it changes to true.

Simple enough to add a ribbon button that updates the boolean on a record or in a view.

Helper II
Helper II

Hey everyone,


I had previously set up PowerApps MDA, where i used "When a row is selected" trigger flow to do certain actions. Its been a couple of months, but now I have come back to upgrade and add more flows to the app. It worked fine for me when testing. But all the end users are getting this error.


The user 'a6376889-ff03-41...' does not have a service plan adequate for the non-Standard connection.

Every other flow i created with this trigger works still. But not any of the new ones. I even tried copying a flow that was working and see if would work. But that has the same issue. its like nothing new thats created works with this trigger for the users. 


Does anyone know anything about this?
On the microsoft page Link , they say that there would be updates in March. But I cant find anything. I understand this is to be deprecated, but they have not yet provided alternatives that i can see. 


If someone knows whats happening, please help.

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