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Date comparison and ticks

I have a flow that is always triggering because where it compares two dates, one date was calculated using ticks, and the other is a date pulled from SharePoint. It took me a while to figure out that the two will never be equal as long as it is looking at milliseconds. Is there a way to convert the ticks to a date without any "loose change" in the form of ticks?


Hi there!  Since there are 864 Billion ticks in a day (I've counted), you can divide the number of ticks by that to get the number of days since 1 Jan 1601... but it might be easier format both dates before your date-checking step to whatever you want.  Here's a blog on date math, if that helps.


If you'd rather count the days since NYD 1601, then the formula will look like this: DIV(ticks(body('Convert_Due_Date_to_UTC')) ,864000000000)   - the stuff in red will be your Flow Date.

Keep us posted.




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this is a bit confusing, i keep seing different dates being thrown around and there is no comment about this in the documentation for the expression.




the documentation is somewhat unclear, it may be obvious for the C# /.net devs working on power automate itself, but the end-user for power automate often have to deal with a plethora of time handling conventions. e.g. excel serialized time which starts at 1900-01-01 (ps if excel serial is to be used with addDays, then use 1899-12-30).

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