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Date condition in sharepoint change status



how to build a flow, that will automatically update the status to complete, when the end date is over?

In my sharepoint list kalender i have created a row with an status: finished, onhold, planned etc.


Everytime the date of an entry is over, the status should be automatically set to finished.

Thanks for help!

Resolver I
Resolver I

What determines if date is over? over what?


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @pascontz,

Do you want to update the Status column based on the end date?

Could you please tell me that if you have had a column saving the end date to compare with the input date by user?


Here is my scenario, I have an End Date column to define the due date, and a RealDate column to input date.

Here is a flow demo:




Best Regards,

That's exactly what I'm looking for.

When the end date is over, the status should be set to done.


I have tryied the solution of your second screen, but dont work for me.

2022-05-31 09_56_35-Window.png

First line: formatDateTime(triggerOutputs()?['body/RealDate'],'yyyy/MM/dd') 

is greater then

Second line: formatDateTime(triggerOutputs()?['body/EndDate'],'yyyy/MM/dd')


Did i need the steps from your first screen picture?

Maybe it doesnt work because of the format "yyyy/MM/dd"?



Hi @pascontz,

Could you please tell me the specific error message?


From your screenshot, I think you have something wrong with the column name, you should replace the RealDate and EndDate with the real column name in your SP list😂.


In addition, I don't think the issue is related to the date format because this the format flow recognizes, please try to replace the fields name with yours real column name in your SP list.

Best Regards,

There is no error message. When i create new element with date from yesterday, it will not update the status.


where did you define the real time?

In my MS Lists i have only "Anfangsdatum" and "Enddatum" but not the real time.

Must i only translate RealTime in german to Reale Zeit?

Hi @pascontz,

I mean you should reference to the column name in your list.


To ensure the date format, I think you should add a compose and select the Anfangsdatum from the dynamic content from the "when an item is created or modified" tab. Then just format the date as the returned result from the Compose.

Best Regards,
Frequent Visitor

Sorry for the late reply.

Its not solved, i get an error with the condition.


Unable to process template language expressions for action "condition" in row "0" and column "0": The template language function "formatDateTime" expects a parameter of type "string" as first parameter. The specified value is of type "Null".

2022-06-08 10_43_04-Window.png


InvalidTemplate. Unable to process template language expressions for action "condition" in row "0" and column "0": The template language function "formatDateTime" expects a parameter of type "string" as first parameter. The specified value is of type "Null". For syntax details, see

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