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Displaying a number as Currency or Decimal

Hello Everyone, 

I am in the process of developing a flow to be used exclusivly in the App, but I need to show a number in a currency or 2 decimal format. All of the solutions I see are for PowerApps using the Text expression. But that does not work in Flow. 

How would I display 300 as $300.00?






@SCTdan , Hi there.


Could you please explain your solution for a new guy in MS Flow, I am using the MS word connector and I have the same issue


Thanks in advance.

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@sajarac wrote:

@SCTdan , Hi there.


Could you please explain your solution for a new guy in MS Flow, I am using the MS word connector and I have the same issue


Thanks in advance.

@sajarac - The solution @SCTdan posted was specific to SharePoint and (probably) wouldn't work the same for Word.

Thank you very much, I used the function that you proposed =Dollar([Myfield],2) to create a copy of my SP column, then vIa flow I have retrieved that value and it works fine.


Thanks again.

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Are you adding this formula on SharePoint? If yes, where exactly should we be inputting this formula? 

Also, are you able to apply a similar formula to change a fixed decimal to a percentage?
I am currently using SharePoint 2019.





Add a new sharepoint column "Calculated Value"


And use this for the formula value





Helper I
Helper I

I'm a few years late to the party here but wanted to offer another solution to this issue. I have a very intricate app that uses a flow I created to turn electric readings into html tables along with any items bought by someone. Essentially this app is a ledger creation app and the flow does a few things:


1 - takes out any items that are fully paid

2 - sorts the remaining items that have an outstanding balance

3 - adds each item from the ledger to an HTML table 

4 - saves the HTML table to a PDF document to be printed and sent as a bill (meter 1 might have an electric reading, a bag of ice, and a case of soda they bought that month, then the 2nd page is meter 2, 3rd is meter 3 and so on.)


This allows me to print bills and divide them for all 150+ meter locations in one click. The issue was converting and formatting all the values that I was pulling from both PowerApps as well as SharePoint. To do this I used the following logic:


if you already have an int/float value that you want to format you can simply use the formatNumber method they provide.

formatNumber(item()?['AmountDue'],'$0.00') - this will take the current item's amount due and format it as a currency. this will only work if the data is an int or a float, however.


if you have a string, on the other hand, the first step would be to convert that to an int/float value then to follow the above step. You could also combine them into one statement such as...

formatNumber(int(item()?['AmountDueString']),'$0.00') - this will do the same thing but convert the string to an int first

formatNumber(float(item()?['AmountDueString']),'$0.00') - this will do the same thing but convert the string to a float first


I use both of these in my current flow and it prints correct values for a dozen or so items per each of the 150+ meters.



This was written before they had the format number action in Flow. 😉  Now I just use that action with a currency format string (reference).

I had a float value so all I used was the formatNumber(variables('Value'),'$0.00'

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