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Advocate II
Advocate II

Document Set permissions not cascading down to documents inside

Hello PA community,


I have an interesting issue. I have a document library that contains Document Sets. Two of the metadata fields on the document set are "Owner" and "Author". When a new document set is created, I have a flow that run when something is created in the library. The trigger condition for that flow is to check if the isFolder field is true, so it only runs if a new document set is created. This flow updates the permissions for the document set to only give the owner and author Edit permissions and reset all other permissions to Read. This works fine. I am using the HTTP action to first break inheritance, then I delete all permissions, and then I add the appropriate permissions. The issue I am having is this. When a document set metadata is updated to modify the owner or author, I have another flow that runs (same as  the one that runs on create) when something is modified, with the trigger condition to check if the isFolder is set to true, so it only runs when a document set property is modified. This also completes, but the problem is, all word documents within that document set lose their permissions, so those documents are no longer visible to anyone except the SCA. Interestingly, this only happens to the word documents (so far I only have word documents, so not sure if this would fail for any other documents like PPT or Excel). I also have some pdf documents, which retain the permissions. Could someone guide me and let me know if my approach is incorrect? My understanding is that the permissions I set at the document set level should cascade down to the documents within. Any suggestions or ideas on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated.


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