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Document Workflow - Multiple Approval Steps

Hi All,


I am attempting to create a workflow for a document library that stores job descriptions. The concept is as follows:


1. Employee makes a change to a job description that requires review 

2. Workflow kicks off (preferrably automatically)

3. First approver = their manager, Second approver = their department head, Third approver = Human Resources 

6. If ALL approve, content status is set to Approve. If anywhere along the way someone rejects it, the content status is updated to Reject.

7. If rejected, employee is notified of rejection. If approved employee and HR are notified of the approved document in the library


The final step is that I want to have the document library display all the approvers in the library, so HR knows who approved a document OR where it is at in the workflow (since if the third approver hadnt looked yet, the field would be blank).


I got so far that the entire workflow is there EXCEPT for the part where approvers are displayed in the library. Everytime i try to add this, i have to use the "update file properties" function, which in turn restarts the entire flow as that is my initial prompt. So, you end up with four workflows for a single document (minimum) that never end.


Any ideas how i can get this working the way I want?



Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @NetworkAdmin 


Looks like your entire flow is serial chain of approvals

Why do you need to trigger flow when item is updated?

Hi @RezaDorrani ,


We want the flow to start whenever someone makes a change to a job description, or adds one in to ensure HR is aware of the change or addition.


If there is a way for a flow to be prompted in another way i am open to hearing it? I just dont know how else to set it up. 


Hi @NetworkAdmin 


One option is to trigger the Flow on demand (for a selected file trigger action)

Here the user can start the approval process when ready


Also, Microsoft Flow can also be started based on trigger conditions

Define some condition based on which you want your flow to get triggered

Example : Trigger flow on item added/updated with a conditon which says if a field value is Yes



Reza Dorrani


If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly




Hi @RezaDorrani ,


That makes sense! thank you. So what sort of trigger would i set to ensure it is reviewed only when necessary?



Hi @NetworkAdmin 


You can use the for a selected file trigger in Flow


so when a user is ready to review the file, they can select the file in SharePoint and trigger the Flow themselves 



Reza Dorrani


If this post helps, then please consider Accept it as the solution to help the other members find it more quickly

Hi @RezaDorrani ,


I add the "for a selected file" trigger - thanks! 


New issue now that I cannot sort out, is i am getting an error code for the "Get File Metadata" trigger. Any idea why this would be happening? it is the second step of the flow. It says the file is not found. Capture.PNG


"status": 404,
"message": "The file /sites/SITE AND SUB FOLDER NAME /79861 does not exist.\r\nclientRequestId: 9bc082ee-ed52-4354-9186-5e2aa90e3228\r\nserviceRequestId: 7ec4fc9e-f030-9000-f2aa-ca66e154cd35",
"source": "https://SITE AND SUB FOLDER NAME/_api/web/GetFileByServerRelativePath(decodedUrl=@p)?@p='%2fsites%2f________________%2f___________%2f79861'",
"errors": [

Hi @NetworkAdmin 


Use get item action first

Id will be the fileid dynamic content from your trigger action


The try get file matadata

and use file identifier as Identifier dynamic content from get item action

@RezaDorrani Ok, but it asks for a "List Name" and I am not in a list, I am in a document library. How do I account for that?

Hi @NetworkAdmin 

Select custom value

and enter doc library name

it works !!!

Hi @RezaDorrani  Ok, and what about the ID?Capture.PNG

Hi @RezaDorrani  seeing if you have any ideas?

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