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Document review required notification in SarePoint Online

I am looking to send an email to a document owner when a file, in a document library sub-folder is up for review.

I am getting the following error with the filter array I tried to establish if the document review date has passed: 


The execution of template action 'Filter_array' failed: The evaluation of 'query' action 'where' expression '@less(item()?['ReviewDate'], addDays(utcNow(), 0, 'yyyy-MM-dd'))' failed: 'The template language function 'less' expects two parameter of matching types. The function was invoked with values of type 'Null' and 'String' that do not match.'.

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Super User


Try this as your filter query in your Get Files action:

ReviewDate eq 'formatDateTime(utcNow(),'yyyy-MM-dd)'


Note that the bold text is an expression and must be entered in the expression window and enclosed in single quotes.




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Thanks Scott, That worked to get the flow to run. It sent me an email response though for every file in the library, not just the ones where the review date has passed?

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