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Duplicate List Item



Help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a SharePoint List, where I would like an email send to specific people if a duplicate value is present in a specific column. In the example below, Harry and Sally would receive an email. I want the ability to still input duplicate values in that column, but to notify both parties or up to 3 or 4 parties that they all have the same item. Thank you so much in advance!








Hey there.  So, there are probably more elegant ways to approach this, but here's a sketch:


  • Trigger would be on a new row on your SP list. 
  • Next action would be to initialize an Array variable and then Get Items on the list, but filter for the sku from the new row.
  • Then, in an Apply to Each loop, add the names that come up to an array variable.  Be sure to add a path if there are no matches, or else things will probably bomb out.
  • Outside of your apply to each loop, you can send an email to the names on your list  (if you don't already have the email addresses from previous actions, add a step inside the loop to get it, then append that to the array, as well.

Give that a go, and keep us posted of your progress.  We're all happy to help work through whatever errors or obstacles come up along the way.




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Thank you so much for your reply. I appreciate it. The flow is failing at Apply to each. Do you have any pointers of what I'm doing wrong?

@djean64  if you want to use a value from Get items you need to create the send an email action inside Aply to Each.


Another thing that you need to do is send the correct value in filter query.


The correct filter query needs to be like YourVariable eq 'Value' 

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