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Duplicate calendar

Hi guys, 


I´ve managed to create a flow that does the following;

When a calendar event is added to a table in Excel, it synchronizes with our schools Calendar (we would like a printable excel document with events, as well as a digital calendar). However, it creates duplicates every 5 minutes because of the recurrance i´ve set. 

How do I stop these duplicates from being created?


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Hei @larkil ,


The easiest I think, would be to populate a sharepoint list instead of a excel sheet on your 'create event flow'. Then make another flow which trigger when a new item is created in the list and thereafter creates an event in the shared school calendar.



This will limit the creation of multiple events, and only trigger once when a new event is created.


You can also look at this if you want to see how you can remove such events again:


Lykke til! 😄


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Could you please post more images on this flow? 


I created the SP List and a flow as I think it is. It was not successfull. 

I think my flow is way too simple. 


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Hei igjen @larkil


Sorry for the late reply. This is perfect, make sure you have enough columns in your list to fit all the infromation you'd like, atleast 3 for subject and start/end time of the event.


Now make another flow which triggers from the mailbox when an event is created, like this:


Put in the information from the all the information you want from the original event, but you should have subject/Start/End time atleast to construct the event.




Let me know if you have any further questions! 😄


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Best Regards


Maybe I don´t understand PA correctly, but for me it seems like your setup does the following; 

When I create a new calendar event a Sharepoint List is updated with the information from the event. 

I want just the opposite. When i add to Sharepoint List a event is created in our calendar. 


I need to figure out how to synchronize Sharepoint List with one of our excel cheets. Any ideas? 

I also need to figure out how to delete/update the calendar when a line in Sharepoint List is deleted/updated. I will check your previous link for that (the link from your first reply). 

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I think the easiest is to try to have your stakeholders put in the infromation in a sharepoint list instead of excel, because you can run triggers from Sharepoint a lot better than you can from excel, where you have to manually update and have duplicate controls etc, which is a lot harder to do.


Make your list with the relevant information and have people plot it into Sharepoint with all the values, or they can make a flow for themself which does it automatically once they create an event.




So in summary. You need to make two flows:


1. For you (or every) person of your organisation, a flow like the last one I linked which plots the information for every calender created into a sharepoint list.

2. This flow:


Which makes an event in your shared Schools calender once a new item is created in your 'event' list in sharepoint.


Optionally, when you have this working, expand your flow to handle deleting events etc as well, but start with the basics first.


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