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Helper II
Helper II

Dynamic Content Code Changes When Editing

I have a flow where some early steps perform string operations:


  1. Find Space (outputs the numerical position of the first "space" found in a user's Display Name)
  2. Substring (uses the position from the prior step and outputs the substring containing just the user's first name)


I later use the substring output in an email message. It shows as





and it works fine when I save and test my flow. It will continue working fine for all flow runs until I ever click "Edit" on this flow again. As soon as it opens for editing, the email message shows this field as:





"Body" instead of "Output".  If I save it after it's transformed itself, the flow will fail until I delete it from the email and insert it again using the Dynamic content list to choose the "Substring" step.


In short: it works when first inserted and saved, but if you edit the Flow later it changes (even if you don't open/look at that code, just opening the flow for editing causes it to change).



Helper I
Helper I

Perhaps you could try using Compose on that substring, then inserting that output into your email?

Can you guide me a little more on that usage?  I thought I could give it a go but I must be doing it wrong.

I added a compose step immediately after my substring step, using the output of the substring as the input for Compose.


But when I go to the later step to edit the email body, "compose" isn't in the list of available fields to add into the email text.


Here's a screen snip so far:



Any other ideas?

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