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Dynamic Schedule in Sharepoint



I have a bit of a complicated ask. I have a giant list with columns of specific tasks (framing, capping, etc.) where I need to generate a schedule based off a singular date column in another list. Essentially, when that date column is filled out, I would like Power Automate to take the date and add to it based on the task itself. So if I enter February 2nd, 2022 in my date column, I would like Power Automate to go through all my task columns and increment the date based on the task. Framing would be date +2 days (so February 4), Capping would be date +4 days (February 6), etc. What would be the easiest way of doing this? I know I can create a variable for each task but I've got over 100 columns/tasks that I'd need to do this for, so it would be incredibly inefficient. I also need to ignore weekdays, so Saturdays and Sundays need to be skipped in the incrementing.


I've got another reference list with each task column name as well as the number of days to increment for each task but I haven't been able figure out a way to loop through this. Also considering maybe using a calculated column in Sharepoint if that would be the easiest way, but that requires me to hardcode in the calculations. Ideally I'd like to pull from the reference list to allow me to be able to adjust the increments on the fly for each task.


Thanks in advance.


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