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Dynamically Create HTML document by Responses

I'm very new to this whole suite of information and what not. Please forgive any ignorance bleeding from me. LOL.


My boss has built a rather spiffy form. It's got several Booleans though which are raising hell in my attempts to convert these (highly variable) answers into extremely controlled HTML documents. If, in the process of compiling the HTML document to send to OneDrive, for any reason, any of the response fields that are expected in the HTML document are not provided anything (null), it throws a fatal error and the responses are "eaten".


To prevent this I've basically just rabbit holed myself down every possible answer tree. This is causing me to make not just 3 unique HTML documents, but 5 or more... the unfortunate part is that this is just one of three major divergences. (I will likely end up maintaining 15 or more versions of this one file...)


I was wondering, in the same way that programming languages like VBA and Python and Java can hold on to variables, is there any way to sort of "prime" an HTML document by use of If statements in the Flow?


(Please forgive the poor explanation.) Example:


Q1: Do you like hotdogs?

A1: Yes / No


If A1 =  "Yes" then append to (this specific HTML document in my OneDrive) this line of HTML tagged text to account for "Yes"


If A1 = "No" then append this line of HTML tagged text to account for "No"


Is this a pie in the sky or am I asking about something that people have done before?




This guy demonstrates a method similar to what I want to achieve, except my data is not formatted similarly enough to his to follow his example.


After further thinking on the issue, it seems I need to re-evaluate my entire methodology to achieve what I originally wanted to do.


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