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Elegant Boolean Variable to Google Sheets Checkbox solution

Hi, All


Hopefully a pretty straightforward proposition:

Update a Google Sheets Checkbox column from a True or False Boolean value in Power Automate.


When you place a boolean variable result into a Google Sheet boolean column the sheet errors because the value is not in 'Sheets format. Basically Sheets won't check or uncheck the box, because the "True" or "False" value isn't sent in the right format as it's always converted into a string value by the API.


I've tried inputting simply text TRUE or FALSE, converting the Boolean to a string, to an XML, to JSON, I've tried literally just entering a single button flow that just adds a row to the sheet and adds a false or true result with nothing feeding it ... you can't set the checkbox to change. Before I knew it was literally pushing a string, I even tried changing the case on the True and False values.


Here's what the system passes to Sheets, where BOOL is the Checkbox column:


  "@odata.context": "URL",
  "@odata.etag": "",
  "ItemInternalId": "ID",
  "title": "aaaaa",
  "BOOL": "False",
  "__PowerAppsId__": "ID"


As you can see, if it was passing that correctly, it would have no quotes around the "False" value. When it shows up in the sheet it has an apostrophe before it indicating it's a string value.


This wouldn't be an issue, but in order to satisfy a client (that uses a free plan so no premium connectors) I'm using Sheets as a workaround to get to airtable via They aren't on power automate yet, so if I can't get the correct values into sheets, I'm not going to succeed with airtable.


If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears. Is it possible that this is a fault with the Google Sheets connector?


Am I going to have to resort to "Helper columns"? (Ie. run the value into one column, and have a formula in the checkbox column to check based on the helper)


Apologies for the lack of any decent formatting here!


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