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Email Attachments in Flow

I am making a workflow for a SharePoint list. I want to send an email notification when a new item is created. However, I am not able to include attachments from the list to the email. 


Below is my flow:

Beginning of My Flow.PNG



My question is, how do I add the array to the "attachments" section of the email?


End of My Flow.PNG


I would greatly appreciate an answer from Flow experts! 


*Note: I did try using the "Compose" action instead of the "Initialize variable" action, but the emails coming from the Flow do NOT allow me to open documents. With the "Compose" action, I was able to create a variable and include that "Output" in the Attachments Content section of the email... However, that did not function properly (as noted, I was not able to open documents).

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Ah, you might need to wrap the whole thing in quotes since it's expecting a string. eg. "InvoiceNumber.pdf".


As for the size of the document - how many documents are attached in that Sharepoint item? If it's a couple, since you are naming them all the same thing it might be trying to merge them in to one, hence the larger file size.

Using the quotes round the entie string, I got it to come through as a PDF!!










But now I cannot open it...

Capture 2.PNG








Any ideas on how to fix? I really appreciate the help

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How many attachments are in the SP item?

Also, you may as well try and surround the content in quotes as well.

I realized I haven't answered your question for the last few posts. I am only attempting to upload and attach one document in the SP list.


Just tried to wrap the content in quotes as well and received the same damaged file note from the Adobe Reader.

Capture 3.PNG

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Hm, I'm assuming you've tested this, but can you open the attachment from SharePoint just fine?

Yes, I can open it. It opens the PDF in the web browser that I'm in rather than in Adobe Document Reader, but I can view it no problem.


In fact, in my flow I've managed to successfully set up a hyperlink to open the PDF in this manner, but the department that I am sending the attachment to is requiring an actual attachment.

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I think I'm out of ideas unfortunatly. Are the email attachment and SP attachment the same size?

Email attachment is around 25% bigger than the SP attachment.

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Hmm, something is going on there then, it's clearly not getting the right attachment, or somehow the content is off.

Maybe test using the current name of the document? This is mine for reference:



Actual attachment values are:

  "Name": @{items('Loop_Through_Attachments')?['DisplayName']},
  "ContentBytes": @{body('Get_attachment_content')?['$content']}

Maybe post what you have in there as well?

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Hello, is there a way to attach multiple files to a send email (the attachments are in side the trigger which is "when i send an email with high importance") without the share points options?


i cannot do this and i'm stuck with a flow


thank you

Resolver I
Resolver I

is it possible to add multiple different attachments? 

On created with the append to array option. The other attachements are made in the flow with an create and get option




I tried to make a second array with the created attachement and add it to email but that doesnt work.



any other options?

can you share the append variable to array step, i am having the same issue

@lalitha4srilal see answer above from 741852

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Thank you for this solution! I noticed that the attached file, when I open it from my phone in excel, is read only by default and I need to save a copy in order to make any changes. Would it be possible to specify that this file can have read/write permissions by default when I send it as an attachment?


Thank you in advance!

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This might help as I had the very similar issue to yours.. i.e Attachments open fine in SharePoint list but corrupted or unable to open from an email and file size slightly bigger in an email for some reason.


I believe your issue is with the dynamic field: 'invoice number'

In my case for name; i had 'name' id from previous Parse JSON, it worked after i changed it to 'display name' from sharepoint list.

If that doesnt work try taking the name line out completely to test and see if the file attachment works on its own and work your way from there.

Hi, I have used these steps and the flow works wonderfully.  However, I have recently had one instance where it only sent 1 of 3 attachments on the list item.  I tested, albeit with smaller files, and it send 3 of 3.  Do you know if there is a size limitation or what else might cause only the 1 of 3 files to attach?  There were no errors presented.

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