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Email Auto Responder


We have a flow that is setup to auto respond to an email when it comes in, when it comes in we want it to reply and tell them that if they have not had a call back in about 15 minutes to call back. We have created it over and over but always get some sort of loop. Anyone have any ideas on how to stop auto responding loops from being created here? Below is the latest flow we created.


Post image

Post image


Originally this we setup with the advance options for many different subjects, addresses, etc. but MS Support told me that they were too involved and the flow was not working properly (We had a time where things that should have been stopped were still coming in).



I was hoping someone would have an idea on how to setup something like "If X amount of emails from the same address come back within X amount of time stop responding" but am not super familiar with flows and could not find that the last time I looked.


Hi @Anonymous I have some ideas around this but just want to be sure that I've got my head around the looping issue. When you say that it's looping, is this because the recipient has an out-of-office or some other auto response on it? Therefore the auto-responses just keep triggering to each other?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Anonymous,


If you want to prevent the Flow triggered multiple times by the same Email sender, I think it's hard to do. As a workaround, I think you could get recent emails, filter the emails' sender is the same as the newly received one, then filter these emails whether were received in 30 minutes (for example). After that, use the length() function to get the number of the emails, if the number of emails is less than 5 (for example), call back this Email.

Received Time is greater than addMinutes(utcNow(),-30)

Annotation 2019-09-20 143741.png

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Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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@MattWeston365 ,


Yes, the loop is occuring because there us either someones Out Of Office is replying or more frequently it is an automated service like a "No-Reply" or something that also generates a response every time it is emailed. That is why we have some subjects and emails setup to deny but without fail we will end up finding one that starts at like say 9pm and we wake up to thousands of emails, trying to resolve that from happening.

Hi @Anonymous you could try adding a condition to your Trigger so that your Flow won't run if the subject starts with RE. To do this, click on the ellipsis for your trigger, and then add a trigger condition at the bottom of the settings screen. This will take the format of an expression so will have to evaluate to true in order to run.



Helper V
Helper V

Hi @Anonymous , i also got stuck in the same problem my flow is going to infinite loop whenever there is an automatic reply or spam mails cases, could you please suggest anything to handle these cases

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