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Email Link to Item When a File is Created or Modified

I am trying to create a Flow that will send a direct link to a Word document in SharePoint Online. I want it to open the document right up in a webpage using Word Online, as if the user had clicked to open the document from within SharePoint itself (not as an attachment, and not to a webpage that will ask if you want to open or save a copy of the file).


Currently, I have an SP 2013 workflow set to move a document from one folder in a library, to another folder in the library when a date field in a Word document is filled out, which is working as intended. I used an SP workflow for this because I was unable to find move functionality in Flows, and did not want to use the copy and delete method I came across in my searches. Anyway, either during or after the move, I just want an email sent out with a direct link to the document to open in SharePoint. I was unable to find a way to do this in SharePoint workflows, but found the "Link to item" functionality in Flows.


I however noticed that the "Link to item" dynamic content field for Outlook only works if the previous step chosen is "When a file is created or modified (properties only)" as the SharePoint trigger. In my testing, this step as not firing off the email consistently in certain circumstances.


However, I have tested using the other SharePoint trigger of "When a file is created or modified", and this option always fires off the email consistently, but it does not provide an option for the "Link to item" dynamic content.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best go about this? I realize sticking with either workflows or Flows would be best, but it seems like either option offers something the other is lacking, so I am not sure I can get away without using both.


Thank you for your time!

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @swood,


Could you please share a screenshot of your flow's configuration?

How do you want to fire off an email within your flow?

Could you please show a bit more about the date field in your Word document within following statement?

@swood wrote:

Currently, I have an SP 2013 workflow set to move a document from one folder in a library, to another folder in the library when a date field in a Word document is filled out, which is working as intended.

Further, could you please show more details about your scenario?


If you could provide more details about your scenario, we would provide a proper workaround for you.


Best regards,



Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Hey Kris,


Thanks for getting back to me!


Unfortunately, I have been looking all over this site and cannot figure out how to attach an image to a post.


Basically, I want Flow to send an email containing a link to an item that was just moved to a specific folder in a specific SharePoint library. The flow I setup is pretty simple, I use the SharePoint trigger "When a file is created or modified (properties only)", and put the folder I mentioned as the folder to trigger the flow. The next step is the Outlook action "Send an email from a shared mailbox", which just has the subject as the file "Name" and the body contains the "Link to Item" dynamic content.


This process will involve multiple users working on a Word document (going off a library template in SharePoint). The author, once they collect everyone's input on the Word document, will eventually determine that the document is approved by selecting the "Approval Date", which is date picker field in the document. This field was set using quick parts within the library template, which references a column in the SharePoint library called "Approval Date", so SharePoint sees this "Approval Date" field as a property/metadata.


This "Approval Date" property is the trigger for my SharePoint 2013 workflow to perform the move. When this field is set in the document, SharePoint workflow will update the documents path, and move it into a folder in the same library. This folder that the document ends up in is the one I have Flow set to trigger the above described flow. The file move through workflow always works without fail through my various testing. The email that is supposed to occur after, by Flow, only triggers sometimes. I believe this is since the Flow trigger is looking for the properties of a document to be modified inside the set folder, sometimes the properties are seen as being modified before the document actually moves into the folder that Flow is set to trigger on. I have tried adding a step in the workflow to update another file property after the file move, but this will sometimes trigger the email twice.


When I use the other SharePoint trigger of just "When a file is created or modified", in my testing the Flow always triggers, but this trigger does not include an option for "Link to item" in the following Outlook step.


Really, I would like to be able to include a link to the item with this other SharePoint trigger. The other option that might help me as well would be if I could do this entire process directly in Flow, but I could not find a method of moving an item to a different folder in SharePoint. As mentioned in my previous post, I was not crazy about the copy and delete method, as this does not cary over the oriignal files metadata and version history. I am also open to any other thoughts on a better way of going about this process.







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