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Email body deleting from the 'Send an email notification (V3) action'

Hi All,


I hope someone can help - losing my mind a bit here..... Every time I update the body of the 'Send an email notification (V3)' action within my flow, once I save the flow and exit out, then click edit to go back in the body of the email is cleared.


I've tried copying the flow and editing the duplicate and the same thing keeps happening. I've spent hours today formatting the email with bold text, highlighting, etc., and every time I have lost it. 

I copied all of the content last time and saved it to a Word doc, so I can paste it back in next time instead of having to rewrite it, I've already lost the content twice now but I've lost all formatting as when I paste it back in.


I've tried making a new flow from scratch and pasting in the content, then re-formatting,  but when I save and go back in again to check the body of the email is cleared again.


Email Action with body copy:


Saved with body copy, then exiting out:


Clicking edit again to go back into the flow:


The body of the email is now gone:



I'm at a loss here - if anyone experiencing this or has experienced this before and knows what is going on, please let me know what I can do.





Super User
Super User

This looks similar to this issue:


This could be a new bug?

  • Can you try a different browser and see if you can reproduce the same issue?
  • If you construct the email body again - but this time WITHOUT any dynamic content or expressions - just a plain text and SAVE - does it preserve the email body?



Super User
Super User

I have just tried to run a test flow and got the following error:


Microsoft suggests using the Office 365 Send Mail connector instead.



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