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Embedding image into new email, where image is from previous email

Hi all,


I'm currently triggering when an email is received, then trying to grab the attachment from that email and send it out embedded in the body of a new email. Here's my current flow:




I want to use HTML in the body of the outgoing email (I have HTML turned on in advanced options). How do I integrate the dynamic content from the incoming email into the HTML of the body of the outgoing email? Testing the above only fills the email with symbols.





Community Support
Community Support

Hi @ryans32229,


You couldn't insert the Content dynamic content of the trigger in the Body field of "Send an email" action to Embed image into new email.


Embedding image into a email body is not supported in microsoft flow currently,

I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently.


If you would like this feature to be added in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


As an alternative way,please take a try to send the email as an attachment of the new email,the sceenshot of the flow as below:



Best regards,


Hi @v-yuazh-msft


In this thread they are able to embed an image into the email body:


Are you saying it's not possible for dynamic content from the trigger? In that case could the Flow save the attachment to OneDrive or Sharepoint and then look for it in there, then embed it as in the above thread?




Hi @ryans32229,


I have made a test on my side, and couldn't acheive to embed an image into the email body following the thread that you mentioned,the image into the email body would always be a red "X", and I afraid that it is not supported in microsoft flow currently.


Best regards,


Hi @v-yuazh-msft


I see, so in the thread I linked, Flow has removed the functionality to embed an image into an email with HTML?

Hi @ryans32229,


Yes, I afraid it is be removed.


Best regards,



Your statement:


Embedding image into a email body is not supported in microsoft flow currently,

I afraid that there is no way to achieve your needs in Microsoft Flow currently.


seems absolute.  Could you provide a link where this position is clearly stated by Microsoft?




Advocate I
Advocate I

The best way is to attach the image as attachment and add some html code to your body where you want to display the image. 

Step 1:

use "Send an email (V2)"


Step 2:

click on "</>" in the body field to show the HTML editor.


Step 3:
Add the following code: "<img src="header.png" alt="header" />"


Step 4:

Add an attachment:

Attachments Name - 1 : header.png

Attachments Content - 1: content of the image


You can add as many image as you like 🙂




@FlyingDutchman , success to read the msg in o365 using your method. However, when I open the mail in outlook desktop version, it shows X. May I know if there is any solution for this, thanks.


PS. I have follow below steps, but still shows X

@FlyingDutchman You have the real answer to this question. This answer worked like a charm and was simple to do. Make sure y'all use binary as the file content. May use the base64ToBinary() expression

This is SO HELPFUL. Thank you so much. 

I am hitting one more issue. My email source has only ONE attachment but it runs twice each time as if it has 2. Flow doesn't let me remove the Apply to each. 
Any idea on how to solve this ?


How do I get the content of image?

i am not getting any of these to work.

Something this simple should not be this difficult 😞



Follow below link. Both the solutions mentioned there worked for me.

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