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Entity Field Not showing Up For Selection In Business Process Flow

I created a few new fields in a custom entity that I want to use in a Business Process Flow. I want to add these fields as steps in a particular Stage of the Business Process Flow, however one of the fields is not showing up for selection from the 'Data Field' property in the Business Process Flow editor properties pane.


I have refreshed my page multiple times and published all customizations with no luck. The only thing that is unique about this field is the data type, which is 'Choices'.

I am uncertain whether this might be the reason ?


Please help.

Thank you.


Hi Buhle,

    I ran into the same issue.  The problem with choices, is that multiple choices will break the BPF.  You need to use Choice as the Data Type instead.  Once you do create that column type it will appear in the the Data Step with a drop down when the BPF is running.  Hope that helps!  


Here is the documentation that calls it out:

"Multi-select choices can be used with read-only grids, editable grids, and most forms. Multi-select choices can't be used with:

Workflows, business process flows, actions, dialogs, business rules, charts, rollup columns, or calculated columns.
Reports, SLA1, and routing rules." 

What would be the solution in such a case?


Hi @Shenkx, are you looking for a way to do multi-select inside the BPF drop down for the stage? Unfortunately, that is still not possible. If you need it in the dropdown then you will have to implement a custom solution most likely using a PCF.

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