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Helper III
Helper III

Environment Variables section not showing in Dynamic Content

I'm testing using environment variables in a Flow and when I try to reference the environment variable in a Flow, the "Environment Variables" section in the Dynamic Content panel is not showing up at all.


I've set up a very simple example of a string environment variable called "SomeName". I then select the solution and click add new cloud flow. For the sake of argument, I create a new flow started from PowerApps.


When I add any action under that initial step and try to set a value for any settable field in that action based on the environment variable I can't because the "Environment Variables" section doesn't show up in the Dynamic Content panel.


Any ideas why or what I'm missing?


I created a test canvas app in the same solution and the variables are visible there (albeit via the ridiculously cumbersome Dataverse table approach).


Many thanks.

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

Hi @MarrinerDev,


Looks like you are taking all the corrects steps and I would have expected that the environment variable would have been there.


Couple of things to be aware of with environment variables.

- It could be that the section is still called Parameters instead of Environment Variables, they only recently rebranded it.

- Environment variables would be filtered by data type in the near future. You might want test with a compose action. But I assuming you did because it doesn't work with any action.


I have tried reproducing your steps. But unfortunately I am unable to reproduce your issue.


Just for your information I will share those steps. Might help with the troubleshooting.


1. Created a environment variable & cloud flow in the same solution and environment (default environment).



2. Text data type, only default value.




3. Create a cloud flow and searched for the new variable in the dynamic value section.



Frequent Visitor

I too am experiencing this problem. I'm going to try and delete the solution and try again but it doesn't seem to work as it should.

Helper II
Helper II

Same problem here. Somehow this "Environment Variable Section" disappeared for me. Even it is working in existing flows it doesn't show up in ne flows or even new solution with cloud flow created directly inside the solution....

Advocate I
Advocate I

Did you try publishing your customizations? I have an even weirder issue. I added a few environment vars and published changes. I can see them in one of my flows' dynamic content but not in the other. I refreshed the page several times to no avail. hmmm. 

Helper II
Helper II

on the next day, it worked just fine... probably needed to refresh the browser tab or something...


Is there some delay before an Environment Variable becomes available in Dynamic Content of Flow?

Just added on, I can see it in the Environment Variable Definitions as well as in the Environment Variable Values tables but not (yet??) in Dynamic Content of an existing flow...


Even stranger: 

Flow that existed before new Variable was created:


New Flow after Variable was created:



Advocate I
Advocate I

@Django I've seen this issue happen but not always. The solution I've found is is to turn off and turn the flow back on. Another trick I found is to prefix all my environment variables with a few letters so it's easy to find them when I search for them.  

Good luck


Thanx @maxpower45255!

I tried disabling and enabling the flow again but no luck...

Saving a copy of the flow and adding the copied flow to solution seems to work for the copy --> but original flow should see the variable so that is what I am aiming for 🤓

Advocate I
Advocate I

@Django Try publishing your customizations, along with turning the flow off/on. Outside of this, you may need to wait a few minutes. These are some of the quirks of Power Automate that I can't explain. I hope someone from the MSFT product team can pitch in and hope they resolve this odd behavior. 


Can confirm that publishing customizations and turning on/off worked for me.

One of those many quirks.

Thanx @maxpower45255, I just waited a few days and it suddenly started appearing in pre-existing flows.

If @Jsalaz1989 confirms that Publishing customizations AND Turning flow on/off forces the flow to automagically start showing newly added  Environment Variables than that are valuable insights 💪👍

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