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Error message when trying to convert string to array

Hello everyone, 


Here is the error I am getting:
The variable 'ListItems' has size of more than '104929364' bytes. This exceeded the maximum size '104857600' allowed.

I'm trying to pass data I gather from a SharePoint Document Library in to a String Variable then pass that in to an Array. The ending result should be an email with all the items in the array sent to a representative within my org. 

If anyone has any experience with this, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Let me know what additional information you need to help me resolve this. Thanks!

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Can you post a screen shot of your Flow?

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@ScottShearer Hope this helps. If you need additional information, please let me know. 

Flow Error 1.pngFlow Error 2.png

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While I can't find it in the documentation, there does appear to be a maximum size limit for array variable and you hit it.

Can you explain what you are doing with your Flow (hard to tell since the actions are not expanded)?  Maybe there is another way to approach your requirement.



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Yeah, so basically I'm trying to send an email to notify stake holders in my environment of documents that need review on SharePoint. The flow is supposed to crawl the doc library, find the docs that need review, list those docs, and send the email. The original issue was the formatting was wonky, and everything was just in one big long line, no separation of names etc. I tried using the Create HTML Table, but the variable needed to be converted from string to array. I'll walk through the current flow:

Recurrence - Schedule for when to run the flow

Init ListItems - initialize string variable ListItems

Get Files - crawl the doc library to find all items that need review

Apply to each - Assign value to each item found and append to string variable

Compose 2 - Split variable listitems w/ a comma

Set Variable - I believe this is where it turns it in to an array from Compose 2 output

Send an email - sends the email

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