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Error when creating Trello cards from Email messages - Invalid JSON



I am trying out a flow where Emails sent to my inbox with a specific Subject creates new cards in Trello. I am using the default Trello-connector for this and at the moment am only adding dummy values to the created card (to ensure that the actual creation is the problem here, not the body of the message etc). When the connector works my goal is to pass the message Body and Subject to the Trello card.


So Basically: On new Email -> Create Card


I keep getting the following error message at the "Create Card" stage though: Http request failed: the content was not a valid JSON.


Anyone else had trouble with the Trello connector?


Is there a way for me to extract the complete error message from the flow including the content of the Http request?


Please see below for the report from the failed flow run (removed Board ID for privacy):


  • Code
  • Message
    Http request failed: the content was not a valid JSON.

  • Board ID
  • Parent list ID
  • Card name
    New Order
  • Card description
    Msg content
  • Card position





Advocate III
Advocate III

I suggest to not use Trello yet, especially if your business relies on those orders. My experience so far with creating new cards that it seems rather selectively and buggy. I received several errors during tests.


On new email errors: 

  • Code
  • Message
    Http request failed: the timeout was reached.

Create Card errors:

  • Code
  • Message
    The execution of template action 'Create_card' is skipped: there are no items to repeat.

More stable it seems when you only use the Card Name. Card description seems to make it kind of buggy.


Could well be that I'm doing something wrong as well. But then the hints within the Flow are too vague for me 🙂




EDIT1: It seems some of the cards came in a bit later than expected. Seems it works better than I described above. However including text in card description seems to be off a bit. 

I get a different error, namely: Could not retrieve values. Unexpected token i in JSON at position 0

Help would be appreciated.

@KoenU, could you send me the flow url , which is something like this




@Anonymous, could you send me the flow url , which is something like this

how did you create the flow?

I created a similiar one, and it works for me.



@telu Thanks for your reply. It was a rights management issue on my side. Apparently I had removed all 3rd party rights in the Trello admin panel, this resulted in the JSON fault errors. After granting flow the correct rights the block is working again.

Can you tell me a little more about the admin permissions that you had to restore in Trello? I'm having a similar experience, and I suspect it's because my employer is throttling some of the access of Office 365. But trying to rule everything else out.

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