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Excel Get Row Id not found

I'm having an issue with the Get Row action inside my flow. Here's the setup:



Please note that I have tried both using Compose and putting the dynamic content directly into the Get Rows 'Key Value' field. Both produce the same error:




What could I be doing wrong?


It looks like you have the Table name set as your Value Key. Since you are trying to find a specific row within the table, you need to have a unique ID of some sort that the flow can reference for the update. It needs to know which row to update.

It's the value that's in the table - you can see it's pulling it dynamically.


Annotation 2020-01-03 105625.png


Just to be sure there wasn't confusion in the flow between the table name and the value in the table, I changed the value to read "FACILITY_NAME," and the same error appeared:


Annotation 2020-01-03 105934.png


I'm not typing these values in, Power Automate is finding them via the dynamic content, and then throwing an error when trying to use them. 🤷‍♂️

I think I've figured out the bug - if I hide the header row of the table in Excel:

Annotation 2020-01-03 224628.jpg


Then I get the error that the Row Id is not found. If I add the Header Row back in and run the flow again, it works. Remove it, it doesn't work. Anyone else able to confirm this behavior?

While that bug may exist, I still cannot get the "update row" action to work. I have made sure the key column has only unique values, that the table has a header, and I'm getting the key value dynamically with a "Get Rows" action. I'm just stuck. Any help would be appreciated.

Annotation 2020-01-04 155409.jpg


Annotation 2020-01-04 155315.jpg


Hi @CapstoneAdmin,


So what you want to do is rename the column name (header row) of the Excel table, right?

I am afraid there is no way could rename it, there is only support add a key column into it, but not support rename it and delete it:

Annotation 2020-01-06 150405.png


Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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Not applicable

No, sorry. I'm not trying to rename the header column. I am simply trying to update a row in a table. I had hidden the table header in the Excel file so that it looked more streamlined, but that seemed to cause issues. I still can't seem to get the "Get a Row" or "Update a Row" action to work correctly. It always returns the 404 error row ID not found, even though I am pulling the ids dynamically from the "List rows in a table" action and they are unique.


I've since abandoned this method and went with a dynamically repeating word template with Flow instead. It works seamlessly.

Hi @Anonymous,


Yeah, I have tested on my side to hide these headers, then I can't find the table in list rows in a table action after that.

You can still get rows of the table may be caused by you create the Flow to list rows before hiding headers, it seems that if you hide these headers it just like delete the column name, and if when we update the row we must get key-value (header) when using Flow, so it could get row or update a row.

Best Regards,
Community Support Team _ Lin Tu
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