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Excel List rows present in a table returns Error 400



I built flow about a month ago and it worked all fine until today. I did't change anything, but it suddenly starts crashing with status code 400 when trying to list rows present in a table in created OneDrive file. I checked the created file itself, it exists and feels fine. What could it be?screen1.PNGscreen2.PNG

Any help would be apreciated. Thank you

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Thank you for your quick reply! (No)
I compared the sucessed run that I submitted a week ago and the failing one. This is what I found:
Seccessed run:

Failed run:

Why the hell "Id" now returns the Document library too??? None of my flows where I were connecting to OneDrive files through Id is not working now. I don't know why would you this, but you could at least warn the users.
I am sorry for my indiscreet language, but every time you throw something like this I get reprimanded from authorities and have to work overtime to fix the based on flow company services. I tried to be polite as long as possible but now is the breaking point, I am tired and very dissappointed in your customer service and software.

I feel your pain and you hit the nail on the head as to the reason. I can only presume this is a new Flow bug. My workaround was to remove the document id from the id by using the formula




Of course you will need to replace 'Create_Processing_File_on_OneDrive' with the name of your Onedrive function.


This returns the straight id, as it was before this week, and wala, the Get rows function works if you use this formula in the File field.

Hi @lloydpowell ,


Can you share more info on what you mean by "Of course you will need to replace 'Create_Processing_File_on_OneDrive' with the name of your Onedrive function."


Struggling to make my Flow work because of this. 😞

When I say function, I actually mean action.


When you add the "Create file" Onedrive action, the default name will be "Create file"




However, if you have renamed it, as I did in my example, you will need use whatever you named it to.

@ExcAdminPH forgot to tag you

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