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Excel table name is overwritten, error: "No Table Name was found..."

Hello -

My ultimate objective is to automatically add a new occurrence of a CSV file into an existing SharePoint List.  I could not find a simple way to load the CSV directly, so I am manually creating an Excel Table called Bundle Quotes.xlsx.


Question #1 - is there an automated way a newbie can implement loading the CSV directly, and avoid the problem below?   There could be 1 - 5 files per day and each contains 30 -100 records.


I keep the same Bundle Quotes.xlsx name and with each new CSV file, I replace the Bundle Quotes.xlsx.  However, I have an issue with the File/Table value of "Table1" getting overwritten when I replace the excel table.  Error: No table was found with the name '{00000000-000C-0000-FFFF-FFFF00000000}'.


Question #2 - how do I load multiple excel tables with the same file name?


Question #3 - is there a simpler approach to load and manage the files?  The file name does not have to be consistent,  I assumed it would keep the Flow easier.   Dynamic names and moving files around to different folders seems more complex to me being a rookie.


Thanks in advance for your help!


Before - the Bundle Quotes.xlsx initial version and the Flow works fine.



After - For the 2nd file, I replaced the original excel table with a new version and it 'breaks' the Table value in the Flow



Solution Specialist
Solution Specialist

Can you Create another folder called, processed and move the file there once its processed. This way you get a fresh file every time.


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I tried it and moved the file.  When I trigger to run the flow, it loads the same file again and does not recognize the new version in the folder the Flow is pointing to.  I noticed the Table name on the 'successful' run below as the odd name from the original error message, but this run worked somehow and loaded the original file again?



List rows present in a table

    "host": {
    "parameters": {

I think that is because Excel internally maintains GUID for every file and with the same name it just considers it as same version.


Can you append datetime every time loading the file and then use the same logic to read the file?

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Probably, but I do not know how to do that.  Since I have to open the CSV file, Format as Table and save as xlsx, I could save to a different name....just need guidance to do it.

Just load the file with different name every time...

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Are you suggesting I update the flow each time?

Hi @BartHannah  did you find the best way to fix the problem ,i am having the same issue

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