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Export Single Page of Power BI Report To File

This is driving me nuts.  I've scoured the internet as best I can and perhaps this is new enough (still in Preview) that no one has tried to do it yet...?  Hoping someone here can help.


I'm trying to use the new "Export To File for Power BI Reports" action.  I have a Power BI report with several pages and I can successfully export a PDF containing every page of the report.  What I'm trying to do now is export only one specific page of the report.


Within the action, it is very evident that utilizing bookmarks is "Currently not supported."  But there are no obvious notes indicating that specifying a page is not yet functional.


When I include the name of a page in my Power BI report, my flow fails with the message, "Export report with page names which does not exist in the report is not supported"




The information on the connectors page at is less than helpful indicating only that the pageName parameter is the page name as a string:



Does anyone have any ideas?  The only thing I can think of is that the "real", backend page name within the report is different than the name I gave the page when I built the report in Power BI desktop, but I can't even come up with a way to test that theory.


Any thoughts?



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Found the error. Please follow the link:

View solution in original post

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Found the error. Please follow the link:

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Not sure if you have found the solution but I was also trying the same and have figured it out.

If you navigate to the powerbi service and select any page you will see the last portion of the url always changes. 


The one indicated in red is the page name. Use the specific page name that you want to email and Voila!!!


Hope it helps.


My anonymous hero! Thank you

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