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Exporting flows from Visio using the SQL Server "When an item is modified (V2)" trigger

I'm trying to export a flow from Visio using the SQL Server trigger "When an item is modified (V2)".

I have verified the trigger using a custom built flow, but using the export feature from Visio I get this error:


"There's a problem that needs to be fixed to trigger this flow. To see more details, open Flow checker."




Checking the Flow checker i get this information:


It hasn't been triggered successfully in the last 28 days.

How to fix it

To see the problem and fix it, go to the trigger.
And checking the error message I can read:
"Resource not found"
Screenshot 2022-05-14 110716.png
I know the fault, I haven't specified the server, the database, and the table. I just don't know how to do this from within Visio. Can anyone help me with this
I guess I need to update the data in Visio, but I don't understand what parameter I shall add and if it shall be in any special format. Below I have just guessed but it doesn't work


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @PärAdeen ,


Could you please check if the table have a IDENTITY column?


I think this link may help you a lot:

Known issues and limitations with triggers 


Best Regards,



Hi @v-bofeng-msft

I already have the identity column as well as the row version column, and I have verified the trigger using a custom built flow. So all the pre req for the database is already there

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