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Extract data from email body to place in Sharepoint list then search users to send a Microsoft form to them

I've searched and tried everything so I'm hoping I can obtain some help here on the flow I'm trying to build. 
What I'm trying to build in Power Automate is the following flow: 

1. When new email arrives from Microsoft Teams to notify me (as site owner) to add someone
2. Is to convert the HTML text into plain text in the email
3. Extract the username that needs to be added to the MS Team site as well as the site name
5. Place this into a SharePoint list
6. From the list, send a form to the user's line manager (such as searching the org AD to do this). The line manager needs to approve the user's access to the site through the Microsoft Form they've been sent
7. The line managers approval from the Microsoft Form response is registered into the SharePoint list
8. The site owner is notified of the line managers approval for the user to access the site

The site owner can then either manually add the user to the site or do this through a flow (I can construct this part through Flow!)

So basically when an email like this comes in, it needs to extract the second name along - Harold Bishop in this case - (but the name will be different with each request) and then automatically send the MS Form for approval to the user's line manager: 


If anyone can advise on building this type of flow using steps 1 - 8 above, I would be very grateful. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

Super User
Super User

With respect, I would happily help with any part of this flow, but it is many questions in one request, and none are specific. Parsing the email is your first step, so you could start with this video I did:

Then begin creating your flow and perhaps post every question as a separate topic. But I am sure someone will be willing to help guide you through an overview of the whole process.

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