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Extracting E-mail addresses of senders

Hi! I have a shared mailbox that contains a lot of E-mails from different people. I want to extract the E-mail addresses of those people. 
I built a flow with the trigger "when a new E-mail arrives to the shared mailbox" then selected a subfolder of the inbox (instead of the inbox itself). When I send a new E-mail to that shared mailbox and then move that E-mail to the dedicated subfolder (selected in the trigger) the flow works. When I try to move the old E-mails to that sub-folder, the trigger doesn't fire. There are no errors or anything, it simply doesn't start. do I make it work with the old E-mails? Is there any other way?
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Dual Super User II


Please check below to extract email address on when an email arrives to shared mailbox.


To get emails in a specific folder:



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@Mira_Ghaly , my problem is the trigger. If I put the trigger when an email arrives to one of the subfolders in the shared mailbox, it doesn't fire when I just move the old E-mails that are currently in my inbox to that sub-folder. When I send a new E-mail to that shared mailbox and then move to the dedicated sub-folder, then the flow is triggered. 

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Memorable Member

Hi @sat_van, do not use trigger at all. Run your flow manually.

@VictorIvanidze , how do I start the flow manually? There are hundreds of E-mails. Maybe I'm missing something?

Hi @sat_van, create an instant flow that scans all emails in all folders you need. If your goal is to extract the E-mail addresses one time, I really do not understand why do you want to use an automated (trigger-based) flow.

@VictorIvanidze , any chance you can help with the steps, please? I still can't picture how the flow will look like, I'm afraid.

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Memorable Member

Hi @sat_van, sorry I do not provide free consulting service. Hire somebody or to teach you or to create an app for you. 

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Hi @sat_van. I guess the trigger is working well, only when an email is received, not moving from one folder to another. I didn't find a trigger for moving emails. But a workaround may be using the trigger "When an email is flagged", and then moving them with a flow, as shown below.



Hope this help!

Best regards.



@DiegoEscobar1 , the E-mails are in the shared mailbox and as far as I can see there is no "flag E-mail" trigger for shared mailbox, only for a personal one. 

I was not looking for someone to write an app for me for free. Your answer was vague and unhelpful and I merely wanted you to explain what you mean. Anyway, I think you misunderstood the question. Have a good day.   

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