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Extracting multiple URLs from html body

Getting my data from an enhanced multi string column in SharePoint. This column contains hyperlinks.

What I want to do is extract the URL's and convert them into markdown links that is supported by Teams Adaptive cards.


For Hyperlinks to work and display correctly in a Teams Adaptive card the following format is needed.

[I'm an inline-style link](

This is an sample of the data I get out today, where I need to extract the URL's and the title and format it to the Teams Adaptive cards markdown for links.


Sample data

<div class="ExternalClassB78FACFB4D354E9989D997809F5C160A"><a href="/&#58;u&#58;/r/sites/DEMO/Illustrations/150Hz_modulation_predominant.svg?csf=1&amp;web=1&amp;e=6QhPSU" title="Link to file 1"><span style="color&#58;rgb(255, 255, 255);">​</span>Link to file 1</a></div><div class="ExternalClassB78FACFB4D354E9989D997809F5C160A"><div style="margin-top&#58;14px;margin-bottom&#58;14px;"><a href="/sites/DEMO/Illustrations/150Hz_modulation_predominant.svg" title="Link to file 2">Link to file 2</a><p><br></p><div style="margin-top&#58;14px;margin-bottom&#58;14px;"><a href="https&#58;//" title="Link to file 3">Link to file 3</a><br></div><a href="/sites/DEMO/Illustrations/150Hz_modulation_predominant.svg" title="Link to file 2"></a></div><a href="/&#58;u&#58;/r/sites/DEMO/Illustrations/150Hz_modulation_predominant.svg?csf=1&amp;web=1&amp;e=6QhPSU" title="Link to file 1"></a></div>


I would like to state that for some reason when links are inside the own tenant power automate removes the https://



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