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Fell down a rabbit hole on my very first exercise - small attachments are being saved

Hello all!  First time messager here, hoping the community can tell me how to get past my first sample exercise (auto-save e-mail attachments from Office365 business account to OneNote).


The setup was easy enough, but I noticed from sending my test e-mail that the script not only saved the -actual- attachment, it saved the small image files as part of my signature. Am I missing something blatantly obvious here? If I want to put this flow into actual practice, I'm not going to want to save those for each and every e-mail that has an attachment.


My rabbit hole involved putting a condition in the flow, to only proceed if the "AttachmentS" <--- size is over 6k (larger than the 2 signature image files combined), but that only governs whether to save the attachments, it doesn't govern if to save all or just some.  Then I found some MPA article about defining a varible and parsing out each element of the "attachmentS" element, and I suppose I can pursue that further. 


But that was the point where I hit "pause" and thought, is this really the intro exercise?  Am I really the only person who has images in their e-mail signature? Does the UI really not allow you to easily set rules against each attachment?  So here I am with this question! 

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Super User

Hi @houdini987


Do you mean OneDrive, if so, look below. If no, please share a screenshot of your flow, because I haven't used OneNote to store files before.


How to do this with OneDrive:


1. Email arrive

2. Condition and add attachment name and filter out .jpg (since signatures is often in .jpg, or you can filter out the signature names here by taking in name instead)

3. Create a file in OneDrive, with the attachment name as the file name, and the attachment content as attachment content.

4. + You could try to add a OneNote action under and add the Path to your file, should solve your problem.




Let me know how it goes, and if you have any questions 😀


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