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Filter Array: How to compare on a single column in the *From input? (a PKID)

I have a Filter Array and it works fine when my two SELECT sources contain only a single column.  However, I need to retrieve multiple columns and only compare on a specific / single one.

I would be fine with only using a single column in both of my SELECT steps, but I need to use the other columns in the "SelectSQL" task.  I am comparing the two sources and the SelectSQL rows that are not in the SPO list I need to insert into the list.  So if I only include the single "Timeline Order" (unique ID) in the SELECT step then I don't know how to access the needed columns after the FilterArray returns the output of the rows that are not equal.  Can I take the output of the Filter Array when I feed it only a single column and then go back to my SQL Server resultset and join back against it to pickup the other columns I need?  

If I use Filter Array and feed it only a single column it works, but I lose access to the other columns I need in my SQL source.  If I feed the Filter Array multiple columns it fails the compare as it tries to compare all columns not just the single column that is unique in both sets.    

Overall Goal:
Query SQL Server
Query SPO List
Get the rows that are in SQL Server but NOT in the SPO List
Insert the "missing rows" that are in SQL Server into the SPO List.



I tried to adjust the Filter array conditions, but without being able to specify the column in the "from" I don't think it will matter.  It is the "from" input that has multiple columns.  I only need to compare on the Timeline Order column in the "from".




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