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Filter out email adresses from a Excel table depending on value in a sharepoint list column and start an approval

I will try to explain what i'm looking for.

  1. An item is created in a sharpoint list, one of the columns has one or more values in it. i.e BLUE, GREEN, RED.
    1. When that item is created a flow will start.
  2. I want the flow to verify if ANY of BLUE, GREEN, RED is present in a Excel table.
    1. And the rows that has one or more of this values, it will collect email adresses on that row.
  3. Put those adresses into the approval step.

Everything after that have solutions for, but i need some help how to manage this first parts.

Solution Supplier
Solution Supplier


1. From step 1 put the column selected values (BLUE, GREEN, RED) in an array and call it "Array 1"

2. List all rows from your excel, apply to each, collecting any BLUE, GREEN, RED into another array and call it "Array 2"

3. get the distinct list of values from both arrays by using the union() function

4. Count the number of elements resulting from step 3.

5. If count>1 get the email, start the approval process.

6. process the next excel row

Hi @krootz

What Array do you mean? some array from Data Operation or Variable?

Can you show howto?

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