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Find Meeting Time During Working Hours

All I'm trying to do is have a Flow to check my Office 365 Calendar every day before I get up and schedule a block of time to go do a workout around my work obligations. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to specifiy the window from 08:00-17:00, and I cannot seem to find the documentation detailing this, either.


Screen Shot 2019-03-22 at 12.25.55.png


Any ideas or good references for how to do this?

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Resident Rockstar

Hi there. Thank you for your post.

I have edited this reply as it wasn't concise enough (on my part) and could have been a tad misleading.


Below should be a solution for you. I am in the UK although have added the code to convert to "Pacific Standard Time".Capture-412.png


addHours(startOfDay(formatDateTime(convertTimeZone(utcnow(), 'UTC', 'Pacific Standard Time')), 'HH:mm'), 😎


addHours(startOfDay(formatDateTime(convertTimeZone(utcnow(), 'UTC', 'Pacific Standard Time')), 'HH:mm'), 17)

As you will see below:Capture-411.png

You may want to format the time and date a little so here is a link to the documentation that you are missing:


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Any other questions, just ask.

Thanks, Alan

Happy Flowing!

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@AlanPs1 - I was able to use your suggested expression to find meeting times within business hours, however, I noticed the output is giving a time suggestion that has passed from earlier this morning. 


Is there a way to rewrite the expression including getFutureTime adding 1 day within business hours? 

Hi @Asuncion 


Have a look at this video by @RezaDorrani :

Maybe it could help in setting the right expressions.

Hope it helps!


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I have a requirement to get a meeting scheduled in the next 6 days after a document is approved. I currently use the Find Meeting Times (v2) action to find 1 available slot and automatically schedule a Teams meeting on the required peoples calendar. The issue I am running into, is that sometimes it picks meeting times after working hours. For instance 7:30 PM. Is it possible to narrow this down to just 9am-4pm window in the next 6 days or do I need to filter the returned results after?


I am currently using the follow start and end ranges in the action.



Hello @Thoman 

Please, create a new post with your question, so it will be easier for others to help you and will keep the content organized.



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