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Flag an email, manually trigger a save of an email to SharePoint.

I'm once again trying Flow since previously it, as per usual Microsoft methods, didnt do what I want. We can connect to all these other rediculous locations that some may use but all I want to do is:


Create a flow to save an email or an email with its attachment to a SharePoint library. Period. That's it, nothing more fanciful than that. I dont want it to do it when it arrives here or there, or by some sender. As per normal everyday life, the human needs to decide when to do it.  In other words I WILL DECIDE WHEN TO SAVE IT!!


So I see when an email is flagged condition, great I'll check it out. (????) Zippo. So when an email is flagged? Flagged as what?? What about when its categorized? Oh ya that's not there, why would that be important?


Well there's "represents a wrapper for batch trigger response". What the heck is that supposed to mean?? Wrappers go on gum.


I guess I'll need to forget to use Flow and use a useful tool like OnePlaceMail for Outlook or Colligo. At least they're untuitive and I can choose when to send them.


And lastly, no, I'm not filling out s form on the ideas page. That's been done by others already and really, this shouldve been one of the first off the drawing board by Microsoft. But please do send me a survey oasking me if I would recommend this to my friends and family. Please.

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Re: Flag an email, manually trigger a save of an email to SharePoint.

Well, created a flow to create an item in SharePoint and then email that it was done.


Went into Flow, For my trigger chose, Outlook 365, chose "When an email is flagged". Incidentally, the "?" see more on the flow advises:



So if I understand this correctly, if I am in triggers and see When an email is flagged, that actually means the operation triggers flow when an email is flagged? Man Frustrated Wow does that ever clear up things!!!!!


Ok so we go with that, setup the create item, send an email, go back to Outlook, move an email into my desired folder, flag it as "completed", goto my flow, F5 to refresh and...................................................................wait for, zilch, nada.


No really??? I would never have expected that. C'mon folks.


Sorry, if in 2018 we're still having these amatuerish issues and incomplete capabilities there's something drastically wrong.


Ya "Flow" alright. Maybe  an antonym might serve better: "Lack"

Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: Flag an email, manually trigger a save of an email to SharePoint.

Hi @CW,


Do you want to save the email which is flagged into your SharePoint library manually?


Thanks for your feedback, I am afraid that there is no way to trigger a save of the email to SharePoint library manually when an email is flagged currently. If you would like this feature to be added in Microsoft Flow, please submit an idea to Flow Ideas Forum:


I would also post this idea to my product team, if this feature is added in Microsoft Flow, I would reply you here.


Best regards,


Community Support Team _ Kris Dai
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Re: Flag an email, manually trigger a save of an email to SharePoint.

Thanks. Yes, I want to choose an email and click something to start the copy process. Then I want a sidebar to show up requesting metadata, just like OnePlaceMail, Colligo, Macrkview DMF etc. does. I figured this would already be available. How long as SharePoint/Outlook been around?

Moreover, I tried just running a flow when an email is flagged in a certain folder. Worked? Not one iota. Very very dissatisfied and disappointed with my Office 365 subscription.

Seems to be a lot of cool, good looking things. Like a Ferrari but when you try to get into the car, there's no handle and the auto open buttons don't work. When/if you get in the car the steering wheel is loose and non-functional and the seats are installed sideways. Plus, there's no way to even turn it on.

Sorry, but that's my analogy of my experience with Microsoft.
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Re: Flag an email, manually trigger a save of an email to SharePoint.

I have to say - this is a somewhat obtuse response on behalf of Microsoft.


It's fairly clear what is being requested (and pretty much identical to what I need too):-


A means of triggering the automatic saving of certain emails to sharepoint.


When you say in reply that "there is no way to trigger a save of the email to SharePoint library manually when an email is flagged currently" this is not the whole truth.


Putting the Trigger to one side, everything else is there in Flow already - the Sharepoint COnnector "Create Item" (and possibly also the Sharepoint Connector "Update Item" - because I seem recall that "Create Item" is missing half of the functionality most people need at first instance).


It's the Trigger that is the problem.


What triggers the trigger called "When an email is flagged"?


How is that trigger to be used?


What must the user do in Outlook that will prompt that trigger to fire?


If there was a bit more documentation about how this operates, the answer might become apparent.


(What I'd really like to see is a trigger called "When an email in a shared mailbox is categorised "X"", but that's a million miles up the Microsoft fantasy wishlist for me)


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Re: Flag an email, manually trigger a save of an email to SharePoint.

Agreed Walker. Seems like a very simple, straight forward requirement. If they weren't so busy whipping stuff out the door that no one ever used or creating other rarely used functions, then these simple, everyday run of the mill, normal, often used/required functions could be done.
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Very frustrating.

I was really excited about what we could do with Flow. I have been let down at every point.

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Re: Very frustrating.

Sperkins: Join the club.

Actually, I gave up a long time ago. There seems to be much to do with certain tools that kids use or fancy start ups. But if you can't implement workflows for simple, everyday, normal, run-of-the-mill business processes, then is it us that is missing the point of the technology or expecting too much or using the wrong technology????

That's why I gave up and am in the process of likely cancelling my subscription.
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Re: Very frustrating.

Wow look at all the help we've received..............not!


A year later and still nothing on this.


To be facetious and describe this using sexy, B.S. project language: Maybe Microsoft is on a new "Sprint"?  We need to be more "agile" so we can "leverage" our "connected resources" around the apparent "program creep".


Thank GOD Microsoft doesnt sell cars. Can you imagine? What you want a steering whell too? Can you provide a screenshot of what a steeering wheel looks like? 12 months later, still no resolution and we receive:


"Is there anything else we can help you with today?" because the current issue was soooooooo well taken care of.

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