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Flow Condition Failing

Hi folks,


I'm trying to build a series of flows to follow a process and send emails and update feilds along the way.


The problem I have is that the Condition is failing.

The feild is a choice feild of either 0 or 100 ( I need numeric values for later Power BI conditional formatting)

If i set the condition ot 'is equal to' 100 the result comes back as false.

If I add double quotes ("100") it returns as true, but then somehow the quotes are removed from the condition and it returns as false again.

It's doing my head in.


Hi @NigWatson have you tried using an expression to cast your value as an int?


e.g. int(@triggerBody()['myfield'])

Hi Matt,


Sorry, you lost me.

Could you explain a little?



The behaviour you described in your original post suggests to me that your value of "100" is being treated like a string, yet the underlying data type is integeter so Flow is getting itself confused.


So rather than it being:

MyField is equal to 100 - where MyField is being treated as a string


Try using an expression which will mean that you can tell it explicitly that it's an integer:

int(triggerBody()['MyField']) is equal to 100


If you've not played with expressions before let me know and I'll provide a bit more detail about those, but effectively they give you a lot more scope over what you can do with your data.

Hi Matt,


I'm having trouble with the expression




I get the following error:


InvalidTemplate. Unable to process template language expressions for action 'Condition' at line '1' and column '2550': 'The template language expression 'int(triggerBody()['RefCheck* Value'])' cannot be evaluated because property 'RefCheck* Value' doesn't exist...

Sorry @NigWatson , I've missed a ? from the expression, need more coffee when trying to answer at night!


It should be int(triggerBody()?['MyField']) so for example if I want to explicitly cast the ID field as integer, then it would be: int(triggerBody()?['ID'])


So yours would be: int(triggerBody()?['RefCheck'])

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